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ps bvv
ps Bounded Version Vectors
ps MobiScape: WWW browsing under disconnected and semi-connected operation
ps MobiSnap: Managing Database Snapshots in a Mobile Environment
ps Slides on Distributed Mobile Systems I MSc course
ps Mobile Transaction Management in Mobisnap
ps Uma Abordagem ao Controlo de Concorrencia em Orientacao por Objectos
ps A Portable Lightweight Approach to NFS Replication
ps Integration of Concurrency Control in a Language with Subtyping and Subclassing
ps A Human Centered Perspective for Mobile Information Sharing and Delivery
ps Broms: Gestão Uniforme de um Parque Computacional Multi-Plataforma
ps Causality in Autonomous Mobile Systems
ps Towards Efficient Time-stamping for Autonomous Versioning
ps Software Aberto: O Futuro da Engenharia Informática ?
ps Panasync: Dependency tracking among file copies
ps Version Stamps: Decentralized Version Vectors
ps Análise da Disponibilização de um Índice Invertido em P2P
ps Improving Causality Logging in Mobile Computing Networks
ps Concurrency Annotations in C++
ps Using Structural Characteristics for Autonomous Operation
ps Towards Peer-to-Peer Content Indexing
ps Convergent Data Types for Autonomous Operation
ps B+Trees on P2P: Providing content indexing over DHT overlays
ps FEW: File Management for Portable Devices
ps Slides de Programação BASIC
ps 3linha.yab
ps Exame tipo de programação
ps Ferramentas Computacionais
ps Scalable Bloom Filters
ps Reconciliation in Files EveryWhere File System
ps Building Inverted Indexes Using Balanced Trees Over DHT Systems
ps Extrema Propagation: Fast Distributed Estimation of Sums and Network Sizes
ps Servidor-parque.c
ps Using Distributed Balanced Trees Over DHTs for Building Large-scale Indexes
ps TRDec2006.pdf
Implementing Range Queries with a Decentralized Balanced Tree Over DHTs
ps A Study on Aggregation by Averaging Algorithms
ps ii0607
Acetatos Introdução à Informática
ps II Notas Primeira Chamada
ps c2
VC^2 - Providing Awareness in Off-The-Shelf Version Control Systems
ps nbis07
Implementing Range Queries with aDecentralized Balanced Tree Over Distributed Hash Tables
ps II Notas Segunda Chamada
Taming Hot-Spots in DHT Inverted Indexes
ps II Notas Recurso
ps Improving on Version Stamps
ps Interval Tree Clocks
ps Fast Estimation
Fast Estimation of Aggregates in Unstructured Networks
ps Fault-Tolerant Aggregation by Flow Updating
ps Search Optimizations in Structured P2P Systems
ps Probabilistic Estimation of Network Size and Diameter
ps Forby: Providing Groupware Features Relying on Distributed File System Event Dissemination
ps document.2009-07-28.6378382336
ps Dependability in Aggregation by Averaging
ps Using Less Links to Improve Fault-Tolerant Aggregation
ps fu_dynamic_agg
Fault-Tolerant Aggregation for Dynamic Networks
ps Conflict-free Replicated Data Types
ps Dotted Version Vectors PODC-BA
ps Topos S. Mamede
ps Specification of convergent abstract data types for autonomous mobile computing
ps Broadcast Cancellation in Search Mechanisms
ps ON2-PostDoc
ps ON2-PostMSc
ps DPMSpringer
ps GateCounting
Gate Counting
ps PureOpBased
Making Operation-based CRDTs Operation-based
ps delta-crdt

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