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Group-based Replication of On-line Transaction Processing Servers

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A. Correia Jr., A. Sousa, L. Soares, J. Pereira, R. Oliveira, F. Moura. Group-based Replication of On-line Transaction Processing Servers. Dependable Computing: Second Latin-American Symposium (LADC'05). 2005.

Several techniques for database replication using group communication have recently been proposed, namely, the Database State Machine, Postgres-R, and the NODO protocol. Although all rely on a totally ordered multicast for consistency, they differ substantially on how multicast is used. This results in different performance trade-offs which are hard to compare as each protocol is presented using a different load scenario and evaluation method. In this paper we evaluate the suitability of such protocols for replication of On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications in clusters of servers and over wide area networks. This is achieved by implementing them using a common infra-structure and by using a standard workload. The results allows us to select the best protocol regarding performance and scalability in a demanding but realistic usage scenario.

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