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Nuno Alberto Ferreira Lopes

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PhD Student

email: nuno.lopes []

phone: +351 253 60 4477

Research Interests

Distributed Systems: Decentralized Algorithms, Peer-to-peer Networks, Indexing and Information Retrieval in Large-scale Systems


Implementing Range Queries with a Decentralized Balanced Tree Over DHTs, in 1st International Conference on Network Based Information Systems, Regensburg, Germany, September 2007. Springer LNCS. (paper)

Taming Hot-Spots in DHT Inverted Indexes, in 1st ACM SIGIR Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Systems for Information Retrieval, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2007. (paper)

Towards Peer-to-Peer Content Indexing. in ACM Operating Systems Review, Vol. 37 No. 4, October 2003. (paper)

Technical Reports

Using Distributed Balanced Trees Over DHTs for Building Large-scale Indexes, October 2006. (technical report)

B+Trees on P2P: Providing content indexing over DHT overlays, March 2004. (techrep)

Presentations and Posters

Information Sharing in Peer-to-Peer Systems, PhD presentation on the University of Minho School of Engineering Week, Guimaraes, November 2006. Awarded Best PhD Thesis Presentation. (slides)

Building Inverted Indexes Using Balanced Trees Over DHT Systems, poster in 1st Eurosys Conference, Leuven, Belgium, April 2006. (poster + abstract)

Set Implementation over DHT Systems, in Simpósio Doutoral do Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho, January 2005. (abstract + slides)

Information Searching Methods In P2P file-sharing systems, in Jornadas de Informática da Universidade do Minho, Braga, April 2004. (slides)

Study of Deployment of an Inverted Index over P2P, in Portuguese Computer Networking Conference (CRC2003), Bragança, September 2003. (poster + techrep in portuguese)

A Peer-to-Peer Inverted Index Implementation for Word-Based Content Search. Technical Report in Simpósio Doutoral do Departamento de Informática, Universidade do Minho, October 2003. (slides)

Bubble Grouping for Peer to Peer Search, in GSD Workshop, Departamento Informática, Braga, 2002. (slides)

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