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João Tiago Medeiros Paulo

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Email: jtpaulo at
Address: Departamento de Informática
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga
Phone: +351 253 604 477 / Internal: 604 477
Fax:+351 253 604 471
Curriculum Vitae:PDF

New Page!

I have a new personal page so, the information at this page is no longer being updated. Please visit my new page for the latest information regarding my research work.


2010-Current : MAP-i Doctoral Program in Computer Science
A joint program of Minho, Aveiro and Porto (MAP) Universities with the collaboration of CMU and UT-Austin Universities. The program represents a fusion of the doctoral offers in Computer Science of these institutions and constitutes a unified effort to prepare highly qualified human resources in Computer Science.
2007-2009 : MsC in Computer Science and Systems Engineering
2004-2007 : BsC Computer Science and Systems Engineering


2009-2010: Persistent and highly Available Software TRansactional MemorY (PTDC/EIA/72405/2006)
Researcher of project PASTRAMY. Conception, development and evaluation of a virtualized shared storage prototype using XEN hypervisor and its block tap mechanism.
2010-Current: Resilient Databases (PDTC/EIAEIA/109044/2008)
Researcher of project RED. Current work involves database replication, shared storage cluster and storage virtualization. More specifically, the shared-storage cluster approach using mySQL is being ported to a virtualized environment that uses XEN.
2009-Current: When using all the different computing devices available to us nowadays we constantly access, edit and create files. We can easily notice that we have a working set of files which are the most important and most intensively used. Often, we want these files to be accessible in different devices and places but it is difficult to keep the files synchronized and up to date everywhere. To make synchronization of files between different devices easier a new set of services has been arising. We call these services Working Set Dissemination Services. Bolt is our project aiming at implementing a Working Set Dissemination Service



DEDIS: Distributed Exact Deduplication for Primary Storage Infrastructures
João Paulo, José Pereira
In proceedings of ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SOCC'13) (Poster Fast Abstract), October 1-3, 2013
Towards an Accurate Evaluation of Deduplicated Storage Systems.
João Paulo, Pedro Reis, José Pereira, António Sousa
International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering. 29(1):73-83. 2013
MeT: Workload aware elasticity for NoSQL.
Cruz, F, Maia F, Matos M, Oliveira R, Paulo J, Pereira J, Vilaça R. 2013.
In proceedings of EuroSys’2013, 2013


DEDISbench: A Benchmark for Deduplicated Storage Systems.
João Paulo, Pedro Reis, José Pereira, António Sousa
In proceedings of 2nd International Symposium on Secure Virtual Infrastructures (DOA-SVI'12), September 9-14, 2012


Model Checking a Decentralized Storage Deduplication Protocol
João Paulo, José Pereira
Fast Abstract - Fifth Latin-American Symposium on Dependable Computing, April 25-29, 2011


Efficient Storage of Data in Cloud Computing
João Paulo
Supervisor: José Orlando Pereira
Master’s thesis, Universidade do Minho, 2009


DEDISbench is an open source micro I/O benchmark suitable for evaluating deduplication systems by generating blocks with a realistic content distribution. The benchmark also allows running tests with different load intensities and introduces a novel hotspot access pattern for I/O requests.
DEDIS is a novel open source distributed post-processing deduplication system. Its main contribution is a novel optimistic asynchronous mechanism for eliminating duplicated data among virtual machines deployed on several remote hosts. This mechanism along with other optimizations allows achieving nearly native disk I/O throughput for virtual machines even when deduplication is being performed in the background. Additionally, DEDIS is fully distributed, allowing the system to scale, and is resilient to server crashes. DEDIS is implemented within XEN, more specifically, is a reimplementation of the Tap:aio Blktap Driver asynchronous I/O block device.
MeT is a Cloud-enabled framework that can be used alone or in conjunction with OpenStack for the automatic and heterogeneous reconfiguration of HBase. MeT is an workload aware system that provides automatic elasticity for the HBase NoSQL database. MeT not only adds and removes nodes automatically and according to system load, but also reconfigures them according to the observed workloads. As a result, it achieves a significant increase in overall system performance.


SOSP: 23rd ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles 2011
Awarded with a scholarship grant from HP to attend the conference. Helped in the conference organization as a volunteer.
Lisbon, Portugal, October 2011
Monty DB Developer Meeting - 2011
Meeting for Maria DB Developers and other international researchers. Presented "Sharing storage in replicated databases" related with project RED.
Lisbon, Portugal, March 2011
2ª edição Simpósio em Informática - INForum 2010
Event organization.
Braga, Portugal, September 2010
XtreemOS Summer School 2010
International event organized to describe the XtreemOS FP6 european project. Presented a new version of the deduplication algorithm, designed in the master’s thesis, for a distributed scenario with several servers and dependability concerns. Presented Bolt poster .
Ulm, Germany, July 2010
1ª edição Simpósio em Informática - INForum 2009
F. Cruz, F. Maia, J. Paulo. Bolt – Backup Solution. Article presented at the poster session of Inforum Conference in Informatics
Lisbon, Portugal, September 2009

Event Organization

INForum 2010 (volunteer)
SOSP 2011 (volunteer)


SOSP Scholarship
Awarded with a scholarship, funded by HP, to attend SOSP 2011.
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