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Evaluating certification protocols in the partial database state machine

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A. Sousa, A. Correira Jr, F. Moura, J. Pereira, R. Oliveira. Evaluating certification protocols in the partial database state machine. Technical report, Univ. do Minho, 2003.

Partial replication is an alluring technique to ensure the reliability of very large and geographically distributed databases while, at the same time, offering good performance. Partial replication is done by splitting the database according to application semantics and then by replicating each fragment at a subset of the available sites. Access locality should allow that each transaction needs only a small subset of all sites to execute and commit thus reducing processing and communication overhead associated with replication. The advantages of partial replication have however to be weighted against the added complexity that is required to manage it. In fact, if the chosen configuration cannot make transactions execute locally or if the overhead of consistency protocols offsets the savings of locality, potential gains cannot be realized. Unfortunately, both these issues are heavily dependent on the application used for benchmarking thus rendering simplistic benchmarks useless. In this paper we present a detailed analysis of Partial Database State Machine~(PDBSM) replication by comparing alternative partial replication protocols with full replication. This is done using a realistic scenario based on a detailed network simulator and access patterns from an industry standard database benchmark. The results obtained allow us to identify the best configuration for typical on-line transaction processing applications.

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