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MobiScape: WWW browsing under disconnected and semi-connected operation

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Carlos Baquero, Victor Fonte, Francisco Moura, Rui Oliveira. MobiScape: WWW browsing under disconnected and semi-connected operation. Primeira conferência nacional de www. Universidade do Minho, 1995.

Although WWW browsers such as Netscape already offer some support for operation under low bandwidth connections, this is still unsuited for mobile environments. In contrast to fixed networks, here connection time is usually expensive and thus clients cannot afford long sessions. MobiScape uses the proxy interface present on modern navigation tools. It intercepts the HTTP data flow, compresses it, and applies caching, hoarding and prefetching policies to both the mobile host and its support station. The Support Station proxy keeps a given subset of remote documents in local store and up-to-date; occasionally it will prefetch. The Mobile Host proxy will hoard according to its profile, trying to minimize the need for a connection. The system also maximizes the use of the cache by using dynamic caching policies. No modifications were made to the existing HTTP server, proxies or browsers.

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