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An epidemic approach to dependable key-value substrates

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The First International Workshop on Dependability of Clouds, Data Centers and Virtual Computing Environments (DCDV 2011), Hong Kong, China, June 27, 2011


Miguel Matos, Ricardo Vilaça, José Pereira and Rui Oliveira


The sheer volumes of data handled by today’s Internet services demand uncompromising scalability from the persistence substrates. Such demands have been successfully addressed by highly decentralized key-value stores invariably governed by a distributed hash table. The availability of these structured overlays rests on the assumption of a moderately stable environment. However, as scale grows with unprecedented numbers of nodes the occurrence of faults and churn becomes the norm rather than the exception, precluding the adoption of rigid control over the network’s organization. In this position paper we outline the major ideas of a novel architecture designed to handle today’s very large scale demand and its inherent dynamism. The approach rests on the well-known reliability and scalability properties of epidemic protocols to minimize the impact of churn. We identify several challenges that such an approach implies and speculate on possible solutions to ensure data availability and adequate access performance.

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