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Partial replication in the database state machine

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António Sousa, Fernando Pedone , Francisco Moura, Rui Oliveira. Partial replication in the database state machine. N proc. of the ieee international symposium on network computing and applications (nca 2001), pages 298--309. 2001. IEEE CS.

This paper investigates the use of partial replication in the Database State Machine approach introduced earlier for fully replicated databases. It builds on the order and atomicity properties of group communication primitives to achieve strong consistency and proposes two new abstractions: Resilient Atomic Commit and Fast Atomic Broadcast. Even with atomic broadcast, partial replication requires a termination protocol such as atomic commit to ensure transaction atomicity. With Resilient Atomic Commit our termination protocol allows the commit of a transaction despite the failure of some of the participants. Preliminary performance studies suggest that the additional cost of supporting partial replication can be mitigated through the use of Fast Atomic Broadcast.

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